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Saving You Money on Taxes

Saving your money on taxes

If you want to save more money on your state and federal taxes, turn to Abacus Accounting Center, LLC. There are hundreds of tax loopholes available to U.S. taxpayers and we know how to identify which ones will bring you the highest tax savings. When you work with us, our team of tax professionals will provide the guidance you need to legally and effectively reduce your tax burden.

How to Pay Less Taxes

How to Get Your Tax Strategy

  1. Meet your Tax Coach. Your Tax Coach will go over several questions about where you are now and where you want to be, in order to determine the best Proactive Tax Strategy program for you.
  2. Complete a Tax Questionnaire. Fill out a brief questionnaire that provides us with all the information we need to get started on your Proactive Tax Strategy. We ask for copies of your tax returns, information about your company, and a few more questions relating to your finances and business, so that we can find the best solution for your unique situation.
  3. We design your Proactive Tax Strategy. We take about two weeks to research all the possible options and then schedule a phone call with you to go over your plan. After our call, we'll send out a write-up of your customized strategy. About two weeks later, we'll follow up with another call to answer any questions and help you put your plan into motion.

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