CPA Tax Coach - Denver

How Are We Different?

How are we different

At Abacus Accounting Center, LLC, we rescue our clients from paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes every year. We boast the special designation of being a Certified Tax Coach (CTC), which means we are experts in tax planning strategies and have the ability to identify tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that the average CPA, accountant, or Enrolled agent does not know how to find.

We're Certified Tax Coaches

Certified Tax Coaches represent tax planning excellence, financial expertise, and superior customer satisfaction. This elite network of tax professionals attends a concentrated, three-day exclusive training academy, and are required to attend 24 additional hours each year of continuing specialized education in proactive tax planning.

The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (AICTC) is a non-profit, independent corporation that educates and certifies tax professionals in the principles of proactive tax planning and compliance. The AICTC oversees the Certified Tax Coach and other designations and maintains a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of excellence and integrity among its members. The corporation also offers its members ongoing education, joint venture opportunities, and a network of resources.

Advanced Training in Tax Savings

To set up your free consultation, contact us at 303-275-8910 today. When you schedule a consultation, you'll receive a book called The Great Tax Escape as our special gift.